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    Basic Threading


    I have a Windows Form with a PictureBox, and I want to change the image in the PictureBox every 10 seconds, to create a slide show effect. However, I also want the form to be able to respond to user's pressing buttons on the form. But if I just use a for loop, the whole form just freezes and the PictureBox never updates its picture. Here is the code I am using:

    int i = 0; //Counter to decide which image to display next 
    for ( ;; ) //Loop forever 
    pictureBox1.Image = nextImage(i); //Get image i from database 
    this.Invalidate(); //Redraw the form to update the image 
    Thread.Sleep(10000); //Sleep for 10000ms = 10s 
    i++; //Increment the counter 
    It seems that threading is needed to keep the form responsive while the loop is running, but I've given it a go and I just cannot get it working.

    Any thoughts on what I need to be doing?


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    This will probably help you for how to handle threads with .NET applications:

    I would wager to say that you are probably right and you need a new thread to do what you're trying to do unless you have a .NET timer class that you can use. If you can cause an event to be triggered every 10 seconds from a timer class, and have the timer's thread call a function of your own, then you can let the timer class handle the business of threading.

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