Hey, is there a way that i can take, for example, a panel or picture box or group box and check to see if another control has been moved into that area?

I know I can use the location of it but i have many different custom controls that will be on the form that I will need to check for. If I can use a specific function to check and see if one of those custom controls have been moved (using MouseMove for each) into the area of the panel/groupBox/pictureBox mentioned above, that would be great.

I am just trying to get away from having a long string of If statements for when a button is clicked to see if one of the custom controls is in the area.

I am not sure this makes sense when I type it so please ask questions if you do not understand. Thanks in advance.

Oh, i have tried using the GetChildAtPoint but it didn't seem to work for me and i couldnt find a whole heck of a lot of info on it using the google. Any help or guidance will be much appreciated.