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    Net Framework Installation

    A few months ago I re-installed win2k (with SP2) on my home machine, which had VS.NET beta 2 and the NET Framework installed. I've just got round to re-installing VS.NET beta 2, but the installation of the NET Framework hangs at "Registering Modules". When this happens I can either abort and roll back the installation or kill the setup process leaving the net framework incorrectly installed, so I'm stuck.

    The best advice I've managed to get from the Microsoft newsgroups is to re-install Win2k (from a MVP ). I'm not sure if I really want to go through another re-installation just yet. Before I decide whether to take the plunge and re-install, does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this or how I might work around it?

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    Try downloading (free) the SDK from Microsofts website, than install the DVD version of VS.NET beta 2. The link to the SDK is on a thread at

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    I've already tried the Framework SDK from both Visual Studio.NET beta 2 and Microsofts site but with the same result. I've only found one mention of my problem a search on google and unfortunately the solution given doesn't work, so I guess it must be something pretty specific to my setup (or something has got corrupted somewhere). It might have to wait until I get around to upgrading to XP. Thanks anyway.

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