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    Newbie Question


    I am trying to write some code in which one class, when it reaches a certain state, tells its parent class to do something:

    class classA
        classB B;
        public classA()
            B = new classB();
        public functionA(){}
    class classB
        int x;
        public functionB()
            // Modifies the value of x in a random way
    class Main
        A = new classA();
        A.B.functionB() /* This is called lots and lots, until x happens to  equal 50. When x = 50, I want to dispose of B, and call A.functionA().*/
    I don't want to have to keep asking if (A.B.x == 50) after every call to functionB, because x is only equal to 50 after, on average, hundreds of calls to functionB(), so this would be very inefficient. Function B changes x randomly so there is no way of telling when exactly x will equal 50.

    So, how can I tell A to do something once B reaches a certain state....could I use some sort of event handler, such that x=50 raises and event, thus telling A do dispose of B and so on?

    I am very new to C# and would like to know what the code for such an event handler would be, or any other suggestions on how I might implement this.

    Thank you!

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    You have no choice. To react to x being 50, you have to test whether x is 50. Where you do it is irrelevant.
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