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    C# Game using Forms


    I am trying to write a sports management game in C#, played mainly by clicking buttons to move between difference screens, rather than a video graphics based game. I am wondering what the best way to create this game is? So far, I have chosen each new screen to be represented as a form. For example, clicking the "go to match" button from the "team select screen" form, will open up a new form, "match screen". Is this the best way of doing it?

    When a new form is created, data is passed between the two forms. This way means that I cannot "Close()" any of the forms, but must just "Hide()" them, as it seems that a form must always have its parent form active. How can I have a global class that will store data without having to rely on passing data between forms?

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    I would suggest you use a public static class to hold your variables with get/set accessor properties.

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