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    does any one know how close mono is to be compatible with .net ?? i come from C/C++ and java background and im learning C# at the moment. im writing my little chess program ing java and i will try and translate to C#.. if i decide to use opengl then i will use java/C#/C/C++ .

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    How much of the mono home page FAQ / readme / documentation / etc have you read?
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    It's pretty complete, but it is missing some things.

    I use Windows Forms on Mono, with OpenGL (C++ lib -> C Interface -> Mono P/Invoke). Some of the WinForms functionality is still missing though (for example, MDI windows are broken, AFAIK).

    If you stick to .NET 1.1, you should be safe. It's the .NET 2.0 stuff that's more incomplete than anything.
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