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    program to open IE


    im new to programming. I was just wondering if anyone can help me code a simple program that opens up a few instances of internet explorer when i type a certain symbol (of a stock) in to a text box

    For example, if the symbol of a stock is 'msft' , i want to be able to type that into a text box, press a button, and 5-6 different sites would open up.

    one site would be:

    second would be:

    and so on.

    Since each site has a reference to the symbol that was entered in the text box, i guess all i have to do is create a variable that stores the name of the symbol, then inserts it into wherever the variable is called?

    oh and I have access to visual studio 2005.

    Thanks in advance for any help

    PS: can anyone recommend any good books to learn C#?
    This is not hw help btw

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    Check the Process class.

    Quote Originally Posted by VS 2005 object browser
    public class Process : System.ComponentModel.Component
    Member of System.Diagnostics

    Provides access to local and remote processes and enables you to start and stop local system processes.

    public static System.Diagnostics.Process Start(string fileName, string arguments)
    Member of System.Diagnostics.Process

    Starts a process resource by specifying the name of an application and a set of command-line arguments, and associates the resource with a new System.Diagnostics.Process component.

    fileName: The name of an application file to run in the process.
    arguments: Command-line arguments to pass when starting the process.
    That should get you on track.

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    thanks, got it to work yesterday. i'll post the code later today

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