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    Referenceing help needed

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to learn C# and would like to make a card game. I have read that I could use the card.dll that's already installed on my computer. Here-in lies my problem. I startup Visual Studio 05 and create a standard.exe and try to reference the card.dll in the system folder but I get a message saying "Cannot add file"
    I've also started up VB 6.0 to see if I could reference it and same think.
    I copied the cards.dll to a different location and still no go.
    I'm at a loss.
    Please tell me what's going on here.
    P.S. Not sure if this is related but I can't run scs from the cmd prompt either..error "not recognized as an internal or external command".

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    Can you quote the text you've read about card.dll?
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    I get the following error msg,
    "A Reference to C;\Windows\System32\cards.dll could not be added. Please make sure that the file is accessible and is a valid assembly or COM component.


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    7 this appears to be a dead-end.
    I have d/l'd a Blackjack game to look at and try to learn from but apparently it was an older version and had to be "converted". I'm using C# express and since I converted the game it won't compile. It wouldn't compile before either.
    I notice that there isn't a "Design"view to see the design of this game. Is it possible to just paint the cards w/out having a design.cs?
    I have also found a cards.dll and scraped using windows dll. It may be that it's not allowed to be used or illegal..I never got a response to my origian question so I have not idea.

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