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    Post namespace location?

    Hi to all!,

    I'm fairly new to C# programming. I've little knowledge in C and Java. I don't know if the title of the thread is suited to my question. (mod can freely change the titile if they see fit).

    In java (if you installed the SDK) there is a zip file containing all the source code of all the classes that can be found in the java api. This zip file has help me alot in the past in understanding (and sometime creating..) functions used in java.

    I want to know if there is a counterpart of this zip file in C#?

    for example , I can unziped the to understand more about the BufferReader class.
    And in C# for example, where would I find the code that is used when calling the System.Console.WriteLine() function?

    my appoligies if you find it hard to understand my question, english is not my native tongue..

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    No, there's not. The source of the .Net class libraries is not available.

    However, you could look at the Mono project. It's an open-source implementation of the framework. There you can see how these things could be implemented, although it wouldn't be exactly the code in the MS version.
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