Thread: Binary file is read with bytes missing

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    Binary file is read with bytes missing

    Hi, im a new programmer to C# and I just do not understand why my binary file is read incorrectly.

    I have a 625 byte binary file and it only reads 586 bytes, skipping a byte once in a while.
    The result is the same everytime.

    Is there something im missing?

    Any help would be truly appriciated.

    	//Returns the file data as a byte array
    	public static byte[] readfilebytes(string filex)
                TextReader tr = new StreamReader(filex);
                string buffer;
                string collected = "";
                while ((buffer = tr.ReadLine()) != null)
                    collected += buffer;
    	    //625 byte binary file
                //586 bytes in the variable collected
                byte[] bytes = new byte[collected.Length];
                int i = 0;
                foreach (char c in collected.ToCharArray())
                    bytes[i] = (byte)c;
                return (bytes);

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    One enter between the two D's is also a byte, but it is not read into the buffer, thus not copied into bytes ( your program will output 2 but filesize will be 3 bytes ) ....

    None of escape characters like \0 ( end of string in C ), \n end of line , \t etc etc are not being taken into account in your program. When you check the filesize these bytes will be taken into account, thus explaining the difference .

    A suggestion: use BinaryReader , .BaseStream.Length to know the length of the stream instead of copying to a buffer first.
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