Thread: How to do a mouse over event on a button?

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    How to do a mouse over event on a button?

    you know how you would do something like
    private void button2_Click()  {      }
    What would you do for a mouse over? I want to do a mouse over on button2 and then put it code to srt the background color

    EDIT: I figured it out.

    In Microsoft Visual C# 2005 express, click on your button you have created, and goto the properties for that specific item. click on bgcolor, and then click on the lightening bolt to see what events are avalible. Then add your code to change the color, on MouseEnter and on MouseLeave to change it back.
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    I'd suggest you also take a look at "Windows Form Designer generated code" region in de Form.Designer.cs file.

    If you understand that you'll be able to do all those things even when not working with a really good IDE like Visual Studio. + it can be usefull to see what is exactly going on below all the "drag, drop , click" reality that Visual Studio offers.

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