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    I want to build a data structure having a collection of array of streams. How can I make that?

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    Isnt that the same as what you asked here: ?

    Anyway you could create a class, that has a private array of Streams. Then use the indexer of that class to get to the Streams itself from outside the class.

    something like:

    using System;
    using System.Text;
    using System.IO;
    namespace GUITestC {
    	public class MyStreams {
    		private FileStream[] myStreams;
    		public MyStreams(int totalAmountOfStreams) {
    			this.myStreams = new FileStream[totalAmountOfStreams];
    		public FileStream this[int index]{
    			get {
    				return this.myStreams[index];
    			set {
    				this.myStreams[index] = value;
    Of course the indexer would need to do some checking on boundaries of arrays, and look at the type of objects being assigned to the array .

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