Thread: Program closes when startup form closes

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    Program closes when startup form closes

    Hello, I have a simple question. How do I make it so that the application I'm making doesn't close when the startup form closes and make it close when the last form closes?
    Thanks for the help

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    One way to do this would be:

    Have a boolean value that keeps track wether the parent form is "closed" or not. Then have booleans to determine wether any child forms are open or not.

    Whenever a user decides to close the main window, instead of closing it, just hide the window, adjust the boolean value and cancel the closing action.

    something like:

    		private void Form1_FormClosing(object sender, FormClosingEventArgs e) {
    			this.mainWindowOpen = false;
    			e.Cancel = true;
    Every other window also has this windowOpen boolean. If it is false its closed , else its up and running.

    One minor catch, if you launch a second window, close the main window, close the second window... the main window will still be running but it is hidden.

    To overcome this: on each closing of a child window, go over all the booleans, if all booleans are set to false then this means you should really close the application ( killing the main window ).

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