Thread: C# to connect to a site

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    C# to connect to a site


    Any urls which I can use to start to learn on how to connect to a site using C# and fetch info from it.


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    I don't know exactly which program you are writing, but it seems you are way over the limit of your capabilities.

    Yesterday or so, you asked what was wrong with some code. It didnt even have the layout of a basic class.... no offence but I think you didn't ( don't ) even know what the meaning of "abstract" in a class declaration is.

    Start with the basics of C# first, then move on, write some small programs that do all these things you are asking here one by one... then try and tackle a project as big as the one you are working on now.

    Maybe you got an assigned or something and don't want to ask for the full answer here ( which you won't get here anyway ) .

    But please stop asking questions here everyday that can be solved by either googling, typing in the keywords of your question here at msdn , and so on ...

    At the rate you are asking questions here, your project will be finished and you will not even have a basic understanding of OO programming, basic layout of a class, how methods work, how objects work, how inheritence works etc etc ...

    Stronger yet, I bet if we would see the source of the project when its done that we would be able to identify every piece of code from the questions you asked on this board....

    If I am completely wrong with what im saying here , and you do know something about C# then im sorry for offending you in any way.

    Just one more thing: Happy coding .

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