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    C# ??

    I hope,my question does'nt sound too silly, but what is C# ?
    I have seen this here the first time , is this programming the header files. which i import with include ?

    And if i am on the right trace,is it possible, to see anywhere the codes of such header files like string.h ?, (i am using Linux for C).

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    Have a look at the FAQ board first...there's a brief description there.......then read the threads on this board...there arent many and they will explain what the language can do...its roots....opinions of it....strengths/weaknesses.....comparisons between it and other similar languages and also you will find code examples that others have gracefully posted....

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    C# is the most powerful programming language in the universe and Bill Gates is controlling the mother starship.

    If you want to see a string.h header than pick up a book on C++, almost any C++ will cover that.

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