Thread: Best choise for a local application database

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    Best choise for a local application database

    Am creating small aplication like a phonebook, but i dont know which database to use ? any sugestions? I wont something that is free, easy to implement with c#, and just a local database not some big server staff

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    Access? Not free, but most people have it as part of Office. It's also easy to ship the database files with your app.

    XML might be another idea

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    If its going to be local and its not like 10 people will acces it at the same time and start doing modicfication thus rendering the whole database corrupt after 2 people have been changing the same person's data ... then I'd suggest to just use xml.

    There's this xmlSerializer in .NET which can be used from C# :=).

    You would basically have person objects, that have properties like name, firstname, tel number, fax, email, age ,blabla ... using the xmlSerializer you'll end up having a nice xml file afterwards.

    Note that this shouldnt be used when you intend to have a phone book with really alot of entries or with multiple people modifying the phone book at the same time if so I'd suggest a real DBMS.

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