Just like some of you out there I was interested in learning C# so I decided to pick up a book. I'm still learning on console apps and have not progressed beyond strings and simple math operators. But I wanted to share a program that I recently created since this code could help other new programmers to develop a random number generator for the lotto or something cool like that.

Anyways, here is an excercise I took from my book.

using System;

namespace ch2_6
	/// <summary>
	/// Choose the number of sides of the die, 
	/// roll once and generate a random number.
	/// </summary>
	class DieRoll
		/// <summary>
		/// Program Created by Oscar Valles
		/// </summary>
		static void Main(string[] args)
			double sides;
			int answer;
			//random object is in this System Namespace
			Random generator = new Random();
			Console.WriteLine("How many sides do you want in the die?: ");
			Console.Write("Please enter a number: ");
			//Take user input and change to integer
			sides = Convert.ToInt32(Console.ReadLine());
			//Display number chosen
			Console.WriteLine("You chose {0} sides", sides);

			Console.WriteLine("Below is a random roll");
			//Have variable "answer" output a random roll
			answer = (int)(generator.NextDouble()*sides)+1;
			//Display Answer
			Console.WriteLine("Your Random Roll is: {0}", answer);

		}//end Main
	}//end Class "DieRoll"
}//end namespace
Well I hope this was useful to someone. Remember this was a console application for when you begin your new program in visual studio.

I have some tutorials and books I can share if any newbies need any guides or references.