Thread: C# VS2005 - Installing deployed application to an specif path

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    Question C# VS2005 - Installing deployed application to an specif path

    Hello everyone,

    Where exactly do I configure a C# application to install in a specific path? Like, for example:

    C:\Program Files\myApp

    Please note that I don't mean the deployment folder!

    I looked throughout the application properties, publish properties and publish Wizard, but didn't find a configuration option for that.

    Thanks a lot,


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    The installer will suggest a deployment path. Please note that you MUST use the macro variables. I'm using a german version of windows and there is no "Program Files" directory. I can tell a good program from a ........ty little hack by installing it. If it installs to "Program Files", it's crap, if it installs to "Programme", the german program files directory, it might be ok.

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