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    I need help

    I am in programming trying to write a log in code that will allow users the access there bank account information if they log in corrctly they will see a message with there banking information if they log in wrong they will get an error message not sure how to do this the rest of the project I can handle but this first step is giving me a hard time
    can anyone help me

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    let me refrase what I said, all i really want is someone to direct me where I can find a good site that can help me with this code, I dont want anyone to tell me how to write the code I just need to find something to read that will help me unbderstand what I am doing more because I have no idea how to get the program to check the logins to see if they are right or if they are wrong

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    Welcome to the board,

    I'd suggest you rephrase your question again.

    Giving us more details wouldn't be a bad thing to do...

    As far as im concerned this is not a question as in how to do this it's rather the question are you up to this.

    Is this a console program or a windows based program ?
    Checking input against some data from within a database ( the passwords or whatever ) is just the same as reading in two strings and comparing those two against each other.

    If you know how to do that one then try to retrieve info from some sort of db or whatever you use to store username - passwords , once retrieved you compare as earlier mentioned.

    I'd suggest going trough a couple of tutorials that handle basic I/O, string manipulation or whatever you may need.

    A good start would be at
    -- some links might lead you to the end of the internet but most of them should still be working --


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