Thread: Array Lists - adding keys???

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    Array Lists - adding keys???

    I have an Arraylist of objects - but I want to attach to each object a number (in this case distance of type int). This will be useful for me to sort on the distance value, the shortest to the longest and then do other operations.


    fooOject [0] 100
    fooOject [1] 1465
    fooOject [2] 8787
    fooOject [3] 21
    fooOject [4] 66....etc

    Does anyone know how to do this, bearing in mind Im a bit of C# newbie...

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    Why not just implement the distance as a private field from the object class that you would put in the ArrayList ...

    I think you should also be able to somehow work with a HashTable ( distance would then be the value and the object the key ). Then you can still add the objects in an Arraylist but when it comes to sorting on distances you can easily use the HashTable for this...

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