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    Microsofts Intellisence Control

    I have implanted my own intellisence like control basicly perfectly. But the problem is, it is made inside the parent window and I know that the intellisence auto complete code box thingy is not implanted inside the parent sence it can extend outside the parent window bounds. But if I make it a seperate window and I return focus to the main form when the user clicks the auto complete box, the main form will flash (title bar will) and other things will happen that don't happen in visual C#.

    I am using Visual C# 2005 express.

    I am wondering if anyone has any idea how they made this. Using spy++ or winspy I was not able to look at the intellisence box sence the box disapears when the textbox looses focus (in visual C#). Here is all the facts I have at the moment

    (The intellisence listbox will be refered to as box)
    • Box closes or hides it's self when textbox looses focus
    • Box is most likely it's own window
    • Textbox carrot is not redrawn/reset (doesn't flicker) when box changes item focus (So it doesn't apear the textbox regains focus, if so it does it in a different way)
    • Box is not a topmost window, posibly not it's own window? *

    * If you make the box apear when visual C# is maxamized, than shrink the window to non full screen, the box will still be there (stretch out the box so it spans the full screen) but the box will be under the Visual C# window.
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