Thread: Consuming same Web Service multiple times

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    Consuming same Web Service multiple times


    I have created a web service that search products and return them for consuming in my client application. Say now I want to put the web service into two or more servers (with different IP) and I want my client to ask all these services in order to gain product.
    When I do that in visual studio I do it manually and I add a web reference for the one web service and a web reference for the second web service, I add the namespaces and I call the method for each service manually.
    Now I need to do this automatically. Thatís it to have the final exe and add the link of the web service I want (say in a configuration file) and my client working OK.

    Can this can happen (as I Know each time that you add a web reference it created a proxy, so it happen code generation) and how?

    I use VS 2005 and C# (VS 2003 is still ok)


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    I dont have a way to test it, but I think I know how to do it.

    In solution explorer, set the webservice "Url Behaviour" property to "Dynamic". Then you should be able to set the URL at runtime with the "URL" property.

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    I already know about dynamic Url Behavior. But my problem it is not solved by this. With this you can consume (yeap dynamically) one service at a time. Thatís I want for my client is to ask all the web services and get the results from all the services.

    Say for example if I have my web service in server A and I add in my config

    And retrieve the data

    Say then that I put the web service AND to a second server B. My config becomes

    And retrieve from both servers

    I try to change the web.config, adding a second link (with the syntax that it uses for the one web service) but it does not working.......
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