Thread: Creating a multi-column listbox?

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    Creating a multi-column listbox?

    I would like to create a multi-column listbox that looks something like this... except it will have five columns with the ability to click on them to sort the entire listbox by that column (sort of like Windows Explorer in detailed mode). Can someone give me a few tips or point me in the right direction. Thanks, appreciate it.

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    First are you using .net 1.x or 2.x?

    if your using 2.x then instead of the listbox you should use the DataGridView control.

    if your using 1.x I belive you might be able to use the dataGrid control

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    in the windows form designer click tools -> tolol, box and click listbox and drag it on to your program then loook at the code ot see how its made
    you can also add colums in th eform designer its all there.
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