Thread: lock winform to top, left, right or bottome of desktop

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    lock winform to top, left, right or bottome of desktop


    I have a tricky winform request that i'm not sure can be done.

    You know how when you unlock the win xp taskbar, you can drag it to any side of the desktop and it locks into place. Is is possible to have this functionality with my win form program?

    Its 100 pixels wide so i'd ike it to start up locked to the right side of the screen and when the user clicks it, they can drag and drop it to the top, bottom ect.

    Any tips would be great.


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    I don't know how that's done, but maybe you can find it in google with something like "c# programming restricting winform edge screen".

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    A starting point:
    Example of C# dockable form

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    It is a tricky task. There's a few things you'll need: the taskbar (basically a window form in 100 pixels or more. Next, when you click on the form (click event), you need the mouse's x/y position. When you release the mouse button, set the form to its new location based on that x/y coordinate. That should be a good start. Let us know

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