Thread: help sharing a program with friends...

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    help sharing a program with friends...

    i have created a simple calendar program in vs2003... thats all that is on the form except one textbox. the program compiles clean and runs fine from my computer but, when i sent it to another programmer here... they cannot run the program. i sent them all the dll files and the exe. when they run the program there is an error... program failed to initialize properly... click ok to terminate the program. when i try and share the program on in a network folder i get a security exception: System.Security.SystemSecurityException...
    please help!!! this does not make sense and i have been unable to find any documentation on this.

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    It makes perfect sense once you find the documentation/books on .NET

    Your friend probably has no .NET Framework installed. He needs it. Install it.

    You cannot run executables from a network share. It's a security risk. You will get security exceptions if you try. Security in .NET is a great feature, but it's better to read up on it using a good tutorial on the net ( haven't found one yet ) or a book.

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