Thread: Completely lost in C#

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    Completely lost in C#

    I just started college and am trying to learn some C#. the only problem is I can't learn it. I know the stuff I am stumped on is relatively easy so I'm asking if someone would be able to give me a walkthrough on a question. My instructor just reads straight from slides and if you ask me he doesn't know what he's talking about. But what I do I know, he's a college professor and I'm posting on a message board trying to figure out how to do this stuff.

    The problem I am stumped on:
    a.) Create a class named Numbers whose Main() method holds two integer variables. Assign values to the variables. Within the class, create two methods, Sum() and Difference(), that compute the sum of and difference between the values of th two variables, respectively. Each method shold perform the computatioon and display the results. In turn, call each of the two methods from Main(), passing the values of the two integer variables.

    b.) Add a method named Product() to the Numbers class. This method should compute the multiplication product of two integers, but not display teh answer. Instead, it should return the answer to the calling Main() program, which displays the answer.

    Something tells me this is kindergarden stuff but I am completely lost adn have no clue what is going on. 'm not going to make this a daily thing and just come on here and expect someone to give me answers to my homewrok questions.

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    We dont help with homework at all.

    I can only suggest that you take it up with your professor, and ask for guidance. If he doesnt understand the work himself, then I cant see how he will be in a position to mark the work you hand in.

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    I know how hard it is for a starter(Especially if your learning OOP). But i dont think your prof would give this assignment if he havent teach you about it already. You probably didnt listen when he was lecturing.

    A C# book would be a good resource. Or probably search the web for introduction for C#.

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    I have a C# book. Microsoft Visual C#.NET
    ISBN = 0619062738 if you wanna see which book it is.

    Anyway I decided that hands on experience would be the best instead of just thinking and thinking about it. I'm going with the old trial and error.

    If I have any problems I'll ask around.
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    Hey there, I know how you feel man. I was in the same boat as you not too long ago. Post your code here and I'll see if I can help you out. But I will say that we really can't just give you answers, the best I can do is just point you in the right direction. You'll appreciate it a lot more when you figure it out though.

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