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    Question Am I up to date?


    I have been away from c# for about a year now and am confused about all the prograss thats been happening lately.

    I am using VS .net 2003 and .net 1.1

    I have a few questions about .net in general.

    When is vs .net 2005 coming out? And, are the changes in .net 2 huge? Or is it the same as 1.1 with extra stuff added?

    Also, will windows forms only be uselful for xp once longhorn comes out and when is it being relesed?

    Is there any point in developing with 1.1 or should i just wait for 2?

    Any info to get me up to speed would be greatly appreciated.


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    VS.NET 2005 / NET 2.0 is coming in november.

    It's 1.1 with a lot of nice extra stuff added.

    Windows Forms will be useful in Vista as they are in XP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nvoigt
    VS.NET 2005 / NET 2.0 is coming in november.
    Yes and the wait is just horrible. Although I'm still not sure whether or not to go with VS 2005 Standard.

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