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    Moving a frame(sorry i mean groupbox)

    I'm trying to get this to work:

    When the user clicks the command button. I want it to put the groupbox's y coordinate into a variable.
    This is what I tried. y = frame1.location.Y;

    Then I want to move it. So I tried y+=20;

    THen I try to put it back into the frame so that it will change. frame1.Location.Y = y;

    But it doesn't work. Anyone have any idea ?.. when the user clicks the button..i want it to keep moving down or up.

    Thanks, Tperry.
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    The problem is you probably can't assign to
    directly. Try this:

    int y = frame1.Location.Y;
    int y += 20;
    frame1.Location = new Point(frame1.Location.X, y);

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