Thread: reading in files and populating the Combobox1 dropdown?

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    reading in files and populating the Combobox1 dropdown?

    I was curios if anyone knows how i could use StreamReader.ReadLine on a Text file and save each instance to an "dimensioned array" even to display it to the screen....
    in a nut shell i would like to say read a file like:
    the array portion of this would be on the c# side of the file. the names or the right side of the = is the text file fields so to say.

    array1 =Texas
    array2 =Florida
    array3 =Southeast

    then, i would like to add those arrays to another variable like:


    this should be easy enough but, im just starting out coding here. i have looked on msdn for collections, arraylist, and a few other commands but, nothing seems to be able to handle this....
    eventually i would like to use this data in a combobox for end users to choose from. if this is possible then great! if not well then thanks for looking at it anyways. i have not found any code that would let me create this type of structure. I usually code in "pick" haha but, im sure if such a simple text based language can do it that c++ or c# should have some mannerism for this case.
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    You can read lines from a file by using a stream reader as you already mentioned.

    You can split a line at a specific point by using the string.Split function.

    If you split your line at the = symbol you have a pair of words, a key ( array1 ) and a value ( Texas ).

    You can save a key/value pair with any IDictionary class. A Hashtable comes to mind here.

    You can later access the hashtable and get a value for the key you are looking for by using the index operator []:
    value = myhashtable["key"];

    This would be a rather complex way of doing things. If you need values, you can add them by code or IDE. If you need them dynamic and from a file, just read the lines and add each line to the combobox.

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