Thread: getting number for Month

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    getting number for Month

    Hi all,

    would like to ask if there are any function which convert month name to number(e.g. JUL ----> 07) ? or do i have to wrtie the function my self?

    second question, if i have to write that myself, does c# have functon like Select CASE in VB?

    thanks in advance

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    I dont know of any function that will do it for you but writing it yourself isnt that hard.

    public string convertToNumbers(string month) {
    		case "JUL":
    			return "07";
    		case "AUG":
    			return "08";
    			return "00";
    I guess that is what you mean by a Select CASE in VB ( since I dont know any VB ).

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    Im not sure how you are selecting your dates, but if your using a calander control you could pass the selected date to this

    string s = System.DateTime.Parse(System.DateTime.Now.ToString()).Month.ToString();
    instead of using System.DateTime.Now.ToString() you could just use the selected datetime from your calander control. i believe this should work.

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