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    Automation Anywhere

    Hey guys,

    I downloaded this pretty cool program called Automation Anywhere. It allows you to record what you do on your computer and then setup scheduals to do the process again when you want. It got me wondering how someone would program something like this. I went out and searched the net but i really didnt know what to look for. Does anyone know where i could find programming information about this?


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    Something you should look into might be the Process Class .

    A quick example.
    using System.Diagnostics;
    Process proc = new Process(); 
    proc.StartInfo.FileName ="C:\\WINDOWS\\Notepad.exe";
    proc.StartInfo.Arguments = "fileToBeOpened.txt";
    This will open the specified file ( argument ) in notepad.

    From what I know you can let every program run like this. So basically when programming something like a scheduler you would just let it run in the background the whole time, and on a specified date-time youŽll have the app trigger an event that will start all the processes you want to start.

    Although I think that if you really want to be able to acces most of the functions etc etc from a random program, you should have the SDK or be able to add a reference from within - and i assume here you are using Microsoft Visual Studio - visual studio so that you will be able to communicate with the program - for instance schedule a playlist to be played at a certain date-time.

    You will have to add a reference to your project Project->Add reference->COM->Windows Media Player.
    The rest is actually pretty easy especially when going to the MSDN library. Although I just see that they recommend using the SDK of Windows Media Player 9...

    Anyway I think thats the way to go for a project like that.

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