Thread: Does it need for work dotNET

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    Does it need for work dotNET

    I wanna create one app in C# for post installing for Unattended installations.!!!
    Beacuse easyest think in creating Visual I havent seen.

    Well I need simply one FORM. Inside it List of CheckBoxes and that is it for now.!!! Simply then from CheckBoxes then It will installing apps and create Batck file.!!!

    So Does it need dotNET framework to work properly.!!!
    I think beacuse of forms.!!!
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    Every C# application needs the .NET Framework installed on the target machine.

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    novigt is right. But you can also do the same (in visual way) with Visual C++.NET - you have to be careful that you choose C++ (unmanaged) code, not C++.NET (managed) code, which requires .NET framework.
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