Thread: How can i add two backslashes to a string?

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    Unhappy How can i add two backslashes to a string?


    i'm having trouble putting two backslashes in a string, here's what I was trying to do.. I needed to replace the single backslash in a file path with two backslashes, I have written a little method to do something similar already. for example:

    string filelocation = Regex.Replace(prelocation,"\"","");

    will replace all double quotes in the string with nothing (in another word it takes out the double quotes) and i know this works

    however, with backslashes, it doesn't apear to work...for example

    string filelocation = Regex.Replace(prelocation,"\\","\\\\");
    doesnt work. the program stop with an error that says
    "Additional information: parsing "\" - Illegal \ at end of pattern."

    I've also even tried

    string filelocation = Regex.Replace(prelocation,@"\",@"\\");
    which also gives the same error

    any help is appreciated!!

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    string filelocation = Regex.Replace(prelocation,"\\","\\\\");
    Well this is where it gets hairy.

    \ - in C#, this is the escape character
    \\ - in C#, this is the "\" character

    \ - in regular expressions, this is the escape character
    \\ - in regular expressions, this is the "\" character

    Now, your C# code is passed to the regular expression library, so it's actually escaped twice!

    So, what you need to pass in isn't just "\\", but "\\\\". First, "\\\\" in C# is converted to two real double slashes ("\\"). Then, those two slashes are passed to the regex library, which sees them as "\".

    So this should solve your problem:
    string filelocation = Regex.Replace(prelocation,"\\\\","\\\\\\\\");

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    Why not just use

    string filelocation = prelocation.Replace("@\",@"\\");

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