Thread: How to read digits from an image?

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    Question How to read digits from an image?

    Hi all!

    I am preparing to start an advanced C# Contest on C# Home .

    The contest will be to read digits from an image, so I am making research on the topic, so I can provide the contestants with some useful material which they can use when solving the problem.

    Any of you has any idea how is this done? Any advices?
    You can read more about this contest here

    Ilia Yordanov, ; C++ Resources

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    As stated in the linked thread, if the font size is defined, the font itself is defined and the color where the digits are being displayed in, then it isnt too difficult (I mean the logic behind it not the coding itself), background color really doesnt care too much...

    My approach at this without any search on this subject would be to just create a 2D array which would represent the pixels that would make up the digit, all the other digits around them filling the array would be "donŽt cares"....

    Suppose a digit consists of 100 pixels in total , if my program would count something like 75 % of the digits then iŽd consider it being whatever digit it should represent...

    A problem I think IŽd run into is speed of the algo, since I would examine every single pixel in the image for like 100 times easily when a digit would consist of 100 pixels....

    Anyway it looks like a great thing to code, although i would not participate in the contest or anything since I dont like deadlines ( I get them too much during the schoolyear )


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