Thread: putting the the Form1() into codedom

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    putting the the Form1() into codedom

    It's hard to explain in the title but I have a form I created in Code DOM using

    public class Form1 : Form
    Than I have the

    public Form1()
    I also need. But I tried making that a method of the class of the form and it complained about having the same name as the class.

    This is my code dom main class:

    myclass = new CodeTypeDeclaration();
    myclass.Name = "Form1 : Form";
    myclass.IsClass = true;
    myclass.Attributes = MemberAttributes.Public;
    And here is the method I am trying to add to that class:

    CodeMemberMethod Form3 = new CodeMemberMethod();
    Form3.Name = "Form1";
    Form3.Attributes = MemberAttributes.Public;
    Did I do somthing wrong in the class or what?

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    Well, what I got out of this is:

    CodeConstructor should be used to do what I want but I get these 2 errors.

    22 :: 23 :: Invalid token ':' in class, struct, or interface member declaration
    24 :: 23 :: Class, struct, or interface method must have a return type
    Ignore the numbers they are useless in the type of Code DOM I am using.

    So aperently I can't use a CodeConstructor?

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