Thread: C# vs. WINAPI

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    C# vs. WINAPI

    Should I learn WINAPI if i'm learning C#?


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    C# has nothing to do with WINAPI, so you are not required to learn it. I'm not sure if you should learn it, it's kinda like asking should I play football or go swimming. Each is a viable option, if you can, do both.

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    If you use C#, you'll be using System.Windows.Forms. You can learn the WinAPI if you want but I'm not sure if you can use it or not.

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    Nah, just focus on C# if you're learning C#. That's my 2 cents.

    Like nvoigt says, C# has nothing to do with the WinAPI, but you can use the WinAPI in C# by importing certain system dlls like kernel32.dll and user32.dll. To LEARN the whole WinAPI would be pointless for C# unless you take notes and use as a reference for your future C# that you can use as a powerhouse of awesome functions, like those functions that can help you create keyloggers and other illegal programs :]...hehehe.

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    It helps to know the WinAPI, but over time it's going to become more and more of a "DONT GO THERE" place as Microsoft builds on .NET. While you can call WinAPI from .NET, its generally not a good idea to - most times there are better ways in .NET.

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