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    Some .NET Distribution Stats

    This was just posted on the Australian .NET mailing list by a Microsoft .NET Evangelist and I thought it might be of interest to people here:

    Hereís some data points on .net framework deployment. (and this is a few months old too)
    Distribution and Deployment Data for .NET

    ∑ More than 120M copies of the .NET Framework have been downloaded and installed using either Microsoft downloads or Windows Update

    ∑ Every copy of Windows Server 2003 has the .NET Framework v1.1 installed on it.

    ∑ More than 85% of new consumer PCs sold in 2004 had the .NET Framework installed

    ∑ More than 58% of business PCs have the .NET Framework preinstalled or preloaded

    ∑ Every new H-P consumer imaging device (printer/scanner/camera) will install the .NET Framework if itís not already there Ė thatís 3M units per year

    The argument that the framework isnít installed on pcs is getting pretty weak.

    .net development platform is great for shareware. Some current examples

    * Google Deskbar -- create .NET plugins for the Google Deskbar app
    * Grouper -- share music with friends; there's even a case study
    * FedEx/Kinko's "File, Print FedEx Kinko's" lets you print to a Kinko's from your PC over the Internet
    * Sandlot's Super Slyder -- addictive little game (requires managed DirectX)
    * NASA's World Wind.
    * RSS Bandit Ė a must download.

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    Just to toss something else in. About a month ago I purchase an Ati Radeon 9250. Admittedly, that card is not that powerful. But during the installation of the video card it put on the .NET framework. To check if all the drivers were like that, I went to the site and noticed that the Catalyst series comes with .NET.
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    Hahaha, I have the exact same card! And yes, it does come with the 1.1 Framework.

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