Thread: "Collection" of objects in C#

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    "Collection" of objects in C#

    Hi there,

    I am trying to convert a program from VB6 into C#.NET. The VB6 code uses a very usful thing called a "collection" where you can simply add an object to it without defining the collection type. It may be a really obvious answer, but is there a similar system in C#. I looked at ArrayList but the problem with that is I can't do myArray[x].objectMethod();" for example. I want to add the object of same type to an array but at the same time, be able to reference the attributes and methods of the objects directly.

    Any ideas?



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    My guess is that the C# ArrayList indexer method returns an object. This then has to be casted to your particular type, then the method can be called.

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    The Dog is correct.

    You can create strongly typed collections (which just inherit from CollectionBase and and do all the casting). There are a number of collection generators out there. A google search will show you how.

    In C# 2.0 (released later this year) you can use generics to accomplish this.
    Collection<WhateverTypeYouWant> myCollection = new Collection<WhateverTypeYouWant>();

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