Ok, what i wish to do is make a program communicate with IE via its COM, note that i am using C# .NET 1.1.

Now i would love advice (as much as possible, what to search for, ect.) on how to do the following things.

1.) Read Text from IE's page.

2.) Send commands to IE as if they were Keyboard Input. As in, Tab, Enter, Arrows, to navigate through a page with the program.

3.) Recieve information from a page such as highlighted (well the tabbed link to be exact) link's desination, text/image name, ect.

4.) Know multiple windows, so it is possible to send commands and do everything i have listed, to multiple windows. (Ie, send TAB to one window, recieve data, then send tab a dif window, ect.)

Any help would be awesome on these topics, i am new to C# and completely new to COMs, so if your not willing to explain how to do something, giving me some info on what to google for would be awesome too.

Thanks to any replies!