Thread: Standard Win Forms Event Handling? (& #develop)

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    Standard Win Forms Event Handling? (& #develop)

    Can someone give me a few examples of event handling? Or links where this is focused on? I cant seem to find many tutorials involving event handling specifically with windows forms.

    Some examples id like to see is for events that handle many things, like input boxes (changed string, hit enter), ect.

    Also, what would be a good course of action to create a multiple windowed form? ie, you have your main window, you click a button and it pops up a new tool bar type window. Basically doing what is possible with tabs but easier as i hear using tabs with windowsxp looks is a bit messy?

    And anything tutorial & windows form involving SharpDevelop specifically (atm i know NOTHING about it, i have just been poking around) would be awesome.

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    Google did a fine job for me..

    If none of those help, have a look on google groups. There are stacks of tutorials, and there's always MSDN too.

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