Thread: Is C# What i need for this?

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    Is C# What i need for this?

    Well first off, is C# What i need for this or is this guy just blowing smoke up my ass lol. Please review this topic real quick from the Windows Forum (1st post)

    If C# Actually is what i need or would make this easier/possible ect.., can you give me some starter points, what to search for and what to learn ect.. I know C++ (roughly, havent had any hardcore programming, just books), Barely Win32, and Barely OpenGL.

    If C# is what i need, can you give me some of the most basic knowlege tutorials? Ie, What makes C# Different from C++, how to start using (Ie, do i need to download a large startup library or somethink (SDK is the term?)), ect.

    Big thanks to anyone who gives me some info, I'm curious about C#, and would like to learn it, but at the moment id prefer to only learn it if it can fit into what i am kinda doing at the moment. I'd hate to take on Win32 (if needed), C++, C#, OpenGL, and whatnot all at the moment, but if its built for windowing and junk i'd love to take on the challenge. (Like if i dont need it, i can wait, if it would help a lot, i'll do it).

    Anyway, big thanks to anyone who reads this and checks out my other thread on the subject. Thanks!

    I am using Dev C++ 's IDE/Compiler btw, i dont have Visual C++ or anything like that so anything to do with my IDE would be cool too. I was told i can code and whatnot in C# with Dev C++.

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    You can definitely automate IE in Win32/C++ quite easily. Sure, the code can appear to be messy, but that doesn't make it hard.

    My answer is no, you do not need C#, nor do I think ...
    that is what C# is for.

    C# can definitely keep the code a lot easier to read and manage, but if you're just trying to automate IE, using C# when you're already working in C++ seems like a bit of overkill.

    You will have to learn a bit about COM if you don't know it already. Don't stress though, it's not that hard. I had to automate IE in a previous job, and it took a little less than half a day's work from no knowledge at all to get it working.

    Some functions to read up on (part of the Win32 API):

    CLSIDFromProgID (using "InternetExplorer.Application" as the prog ID)

    That should get you going. When you start mucking around with it, have a read through some of the threads on Google Groups, using a search for "Win32 automate internet explorer" or something similar, there's lots of handy information there.


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