Thread: How to put a pixel on the Form ?

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    How to put a pixel on the Form ?

    Hi all, is there a function in C# that is equivalent to the PutPixel function in VC++ 6.0 ? Please help !!

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    For as far as i know ( which is not much ) i dont think you have anything like that .... although a reasonable solution would be to have a PictureBox object and there you would be able to change every pixel , Ive seen examples where they edit a whole bitmap etc so drawing a single pixel on a picturebox wont be to difficult i think....

    Since its something im interested in finding out as well ill take a look do some searches ( which of course you can do yourself as well ) and who knows i might come back with a working solution .


    After two times feeling lucky with google i found this

    It shows you didnt even tried to search for the answer yourself...
    Oh and in case you didnt know the link above describes exactly what you want to do ( you would know if you checked it out ), it just needs some modification and then you can easily write your own Putpixel and getPixel method.

    PS: sorry if im kinda rude but ive seen enough stupid questions all day long and im kinda tired of ppl who post a one liner and expect to get a working piece of code that does exactly what they asked for. Nex time show us you´ve tried and you´ve searched then come and ask if you dont understand any of the things you read.


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    If you create a standard windows form, you use GDI+ to do the drawing in the Paint event handler of the form. The PaintEventArgs has a Graphics property you can use for drawing, have a look at that.

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    You can also create a Graphics object for the form by passing it the handle of the form:

    Graphics g = Graphics.FromHwnd( formname.Handle )
    That way you don't have to mess with the Paint event and have to invalidate the form to make it call Paint again.

    On a side note this is something I learned today from my .NET game development book.

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