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    c# vs c++

    I am new to programming having just finished programming 1 using C++. Getting ready to start programming II which is scheduled to continue with c++ but University is considering going to c#. Can someone tell me if this would be benificial to a cim degree or is c++ enough? I know nothing about c# and wondered how it compares in real world. thanks

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    In the real world, the more languages you know, the better. Just C++ is not enough, though in my opinion it's the best start.

    Solution: learn both

    After all, no one will employ a worker who is only proficient with a hammer, not a screwdriver, because the hammer was "better". For each job there is a tool that is best suited to do that job. The more tools you know, the more jobs you'll be able to handle. And companies want to get jobs done.

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    C# is a very "real world" language. It's intended to provide much of the power of C++ but with the ease (RAD) of VB/Java. C# is also the native language of the .NET Framework, which IMHO will continue to grow in popularity as we approach version 2.0 ('Whidbey').

    If you know C++, you'll pick up C# really fast.
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    Learn both. Also learn Java, VB, ASM, C, and for the hell of it, Python.
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