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    Talking Delete statement with SQL

    Can someone tell me why this function to delete a row in a access database is not working?

    public void delete(string table, string file, string cage, string type, string animalName)

    string deleteString;
    deleteString ="delete from `" + table + "\' Where File= " + file + " and CageNo = " + cage + " and AnimalType = `" + type + "\' and Name = `" + animalName+ "\'";

    Console.WriteLine("{0}", deleteString);
    OdbcCommand=new OdbcCommand (deleteString);
    myOdbcCommand.Connection = conn;

    myOdbcCommand.Connection = conn;
    Console.WriteLine("{0}", deleteString);

    catch(Exception e)
    Console.WriteLine("failed to delete");

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    The table name should not be quoted. The finished SQL statement should look something like this.
    DELETE FROM Pets WHERE File='Something.txt' AND CageNo=10 AND AnimalType='Blue Whale' AND Name='Big Boy';
    If you are still having troubles, could you post the completed SQL statement and how it is failing? Is it throwing an exception or just not doing anything?

    JET SQL Reference: DELETE Statement

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    It would have been easier if you a) posted the complete string which you already checked yourself and b) checked what the exception message was, because it will contain an error message.

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    Also, the end code tag has a forward slash, not a backslash.

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