Thread: Don't even know where o start

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    Don't even know where o start

    I simply hate programming, but this is one of the 2 programing subject I have to do to graduate...could u plz give me a hand with this...?
    and email me back on

    Declare a structure of type "Car" to represent a motor car including the elements:
    (a) make (string)
    (b) model (string)
    (c) odometer (int)
    (d) manufactureDate (Date - see below)
    (e) purchaseDate (Date - see below)
    (f) petrolTank, capacity and current level (Tank - see below)

    You will need to also declare a structure of type "Date" to represent the:
    (a) day (int)
    (b) month (int)
    (c) year (int)

    You will need to also declare a structure of type "Tank" to represent the:
    (a) capacity (double)
    (b) currentLevel (double)

    (That is, you will have structures nested inside structures.)

    Write a program that reads (from the user or a file) the car information for a fleet of cars. Put this in an array called "Fleet" that can hold up to 10 cars. (The user and file input must be able to handle less than 10 cars as well.) The program is then to give the user the option of either displaying the fleet on the screen or saving it to a file.

    Write the following input functions: "getFleet", "getCar", "getDate", "getTank" (which gets the information from the user) and "readFleet" (which reads the information from a file).

    Write the following output functions: "showFleet", "showCar", "showDate", "showTank" (which prints the information to the screen) and "saveFleet" (which saves the information to a file).

    Your program is to have appropriate error checking for user input and file I/O.

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    sure, not a problem....

    think about what kind of data you will be using and draw a data flow diagram depicting the flow of data within you system/program. next draw an entity relationship diagram descibing the relationship between data. write psuedo-code, conditional tables, and flowcharts as needed for each primitive process. hold a meeting with your clients and key team members to ensure that the system/program meets required specifications and will be maintainable. write the code. test and re-test.

    hope that helps, bye.
    i seem to have GCC 3.3.4
    But how do i start it?
    I dont have a menu for it or anything.

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    I still have no idea and it's due like in 2 days...I think I am going to FAIL...

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    There are certain words used in that assignment that suggest to me that this is not even C# Class. Are you sure it's not just straight C?

    Posting an assignment, asking us to do it for you, and giving us nothing but an email address to which we can send something for you to hand in, will not be met with a welcomin attitude on any board. The fact that you have not posted any code shows to us that you don't even have the slightest idea of how to define and declare and instance of a structure. Do you know how to write functions? Do you know how to use arrays?

    I don't like to be this way, but you are going to fail, and it's not because you're not "technologically inclined".

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    I still have no idea and it's due like in 2 days...I think I am going to FAIL...
    I can only hope you fail, because it seems like you post your homework here without a clue what to do with it. Have you written a single line of code yet ?

    It's not that hard. If you have specific coding questions, open up a new thread. This one will not generate help. To get help you have to show some effort of your own.

    Try doing it first, then collect the questions and ask here.

    ( I assume this is not a C# assignment btw. )

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