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    Datetime Substitutions

    I am trying to substitute a null date value (Blasted 12/30/1899) in my select statement. I am using VS 2003 C#. The datasource is Foxpro.
    Any ideas !

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    Either they never fixed that natural gas leak and my brain is chemically reacting to form styrofoam, or this is more of an SQL question. Am I right? In which case, what exactly is your problem?

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    Can you be a bit more precise ? What you describe is normally done by using a simple if statement.

    string sql;

    if( yourDateVariable == yourDateNullValueConstant )
    sql = "select * from table where date is null";
    sql = "select * from table where date = " + yourDateVariable.ToString();

    Format the date value according to your database system and date functions / country specifics.

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