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    VC++.NET allows you to do anything you could do in VC++6.0. Essentially, the language is at your disposal. The .NET version does allow you to use M$ managed code tags and a few other "enhancements" they made to C++, but thats optional.

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    VC++.NET allows you to do anything you could do in VC++6.0.
    Second that. You can compile any C++ code you compiled with other versions of VC in VC.NET. You can use managed C++, then you get a managed assembly. If you don't use managed C++ but only "pure" C++, you get a normal executable.

    You can btw. go very deep into the bowels of your computer using C#, too. It has non-garbage collected arrays, pointers and stuff. It's just that no-one wants to use that.
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