Thread: My UserControls dissapear off my form

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    Angry My UserControls dissapear off my form

    My user controls dissappear off my form. I am using Visual Sudio 2003. This happens on the design form. I have no idea why. They can go on working fine for a while but sometimes when I reopen that form they dissappear. I have checked the InitializeComponent method of my form and they are still being initialized and added to the form there but for some reason they do not appear on the form. Has this happened to anyone else? This is getting really frustrating and is really slowing me down because everytime I have to fix a form I end up having to recreate the controls on the form so that they can reappear. This can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours depending on how many controls I have on the form. I would appreciate any help I can get with this subject. By the way I have installed the latest service pack for the .Net framework. I was told by the guys at microsoft that this would fix that problem but it hasn't.

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    Does the Task List window report anything?

    Are you modifying anything inside the, "Windows Form Designer generated code" region?

    Are you using any custom/inherited controls?

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    Make sure your project builds without any errors. If the controls have build errors, the designer will remove them. Thats a PITA and I have no clue why VS does this, but that's it. Make sure it builds and never open the designer if it doesn't.

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