Thread: BASIC's CLS equivalent in C#

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    BASIC's CLS equivalent in C#

    Is there a method in C# that will clear the screen and place the cursor at 1,1 in a CLI? I would've thought it would be in System.Console, but I couldn't find anything event remotely like it.

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    When I read your post I immediatly thought there must be a System.Console.ClearScreen...

    But as it seems, there is no such function. Have a look here for Microsofts suggestion. I hoped they were just kidding, but apparantly they are not

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    interesting how every programmer at some point in time needs to clear the console somehow and yet they just keep making it harder and harder to do
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    The easiest way is to output blank lines. I believe the number is 25. I might be a little off since I haven't worked with C# in a while (lost the CD I put the SDK on).

    for (int index = 0; index < 24; index++) {
    The console in .NET is extremely weak. If you want more advanced abilities you'd be better off writing a component that mimics the command prompt. Or just painting a form black and drawing text to it using the Lucida Console font.

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    In most cases that would work. The problem is that first of all, the cursor is now at the bottom, and I don't think there's an easy way to position the cursor (like BASIC's Location). Also, you can change the number of lines in the console window when you're the user.

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