Thread: Console App w/ Threads and Events?

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    Console App w/ Threads and Events?

    This is the first program I've written that uses threads, so I'm a tad inexperienced at that aspect, but it is by no means my first console app, so no problem there!

    It is, once again, my server program, and sets up one thread to listen for requests, and then creates a new thread for each request (although setting a limit to the number of connection at once). My user will exectue the program, bringing up a menu to do a number of tasks, and once they select the option for the server to taking requests, it will just be running this system of threads. I was to set up an event handler, so that the user can push a certain button to start removing the server from activity.

    I'm using a console app to allow for multi-platform functionality (at least under implementations of .NET such as Mono).
    I know the big advantage to a using GUI is being event-centric, but in a console app, do event handlers still work? Any tips for doing things in this manner?

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    Event Handlers still work. There is no change in functionality when you run a console application, just different input/output.

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